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Creavery Primary School, Antrim

School Rules



No pupil is to arrive at school before 9.00 a.m. as no supervision is provided before then.
No pupil is to go on to the road to retrieve a ball unless supervised by an adult.
No pupil is to go through the gate at home time until the vehicle collecting him/her has arrived.
There is to be no fighting in the playground. Report any problem to the supervisor or teacher.
No pupil is to sit or stand on the school wall.

Pupils must be in school for 9.15 a.m.
When school is on, pupils must attend, unless hindered by sickness or bereavement.
An explanation for absence should be made to the Principal by note or telephone call on the day of the absence before 10.00a.m.

Litter must be put in a bin and not dropped on the ground.
Leave the toilet clean, and wash hands after using it.

We listen when the teacher, supervisor or someone else is talking.
We all help to keep our classroom and playground tidy and attractive.
We all take care of equipment and toys.
When something gets broken or damaged it is reported to the teacher immediately by the pupil concerned.
We show respect and good manners to each other and to the teacher or supervisor.
We raise our hands when taking part in classroom discussions.
We try to do our best at all times.
We WALK in the classroom always.
We NEVER use bad language.
10. We do not bring mobile phones to school.

1.       We wear our uniform every day unless there are exceptional circumstances.
2.        Football shirts are NOT worn for any school activity.