Fit Families

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On Wednesday 6th February The Irish FA hosted the ‘Fit Families‘ project in conjunction with Creavery Primary School at Parkhall Secondary School. The aim of the project was to inform the parents about the Irish FA’s Primary School Programme which their children take part in each week, but also to show parents how they could improve their child’s lifestyle through physical activities and diet. Parents and children both attended- the parents attended a healthy living presentation from local Irish FA Primary School coach Colin Roden, while the children practised the skills they learn each week with the Irish FA. Parents and children then came together where the children showed their parents some of the skills they learn each week, such as improving their balance and their dribbling skills.

Colin Roden of the Irish FA said, ‘ The aim of the project was to show parents what we as Irish FA coaches do each week with their children and to give parents healthy living tips, such as how much exercise their children should have each day and how to have a balanced diet. There were alot of good discussions with parents about healthy living and it was very informative for me to listen from a parents perspective about their child’s lifestyle. A huge thanks to all parents involved, Miss Dunwoody from Creavery Primary School and Mr Henderson and Mr Connolly from Parkhall Secondary School for making the event such a huge success.’

Miss Dunwoody added ‘A great night was had by all with parents enjoying being active with their children.  The parents also admitted that the presentation was a useful reminder of the importance of encouraging their child to be active.  Indeed, so motivated were a number of parents that they began forming a team to run the Belfast Marathon, I was very impressed’