Class council election P5, 6 & 7

The p5, 6 and 7 class had a class council election on Wednesday 12th September. The candidates names are Sarah Knowles, Claire Hunter,Jack Craig, Scott Rookes, Timothy McClure and Ben Abernethy. There are also individual photos of the “elected” candidates:Ben Abernethy, the P.7 Councillor; Claire Hunter, P.6 Councillor; Scott Rookes and Timothy McClure, the P.5 Councillors.

By Tom Surgenor P6

On Wednesday 12th September the p5, 6 and 7 class had a Class council election. The candidates names were:
Scott Rookes and Timothy McClure for p5,
Jack Craig and Claire Hunter for p6,
Sarah Knowles and Ben Abernethy for p7.

To vote we had to bring ID to prove who we were . We had to show the ID to Mrs Tweedie, she was the Electional officer.
At the end Mrs Davison counted up the votes and announced who was elected class councillor.
The candidates that were elected are:
Scott and Timothy were elected for p5.
Claire was elected for p6.
Ben was elected for p7.

By Tim Bailie P6


On Wednesday, 12th September 2012 p5,p6 and p7 had a class council election.

The six candidates wrote manifestos to tell what they would do if they were elected.
To vote you had to go out to our electrol oficer, Mrs Tweedie and you had to bring I.D. Then you put an x at the candidate of your choice.

Then we had a count and then announced the councillors.
Ben Abernethy for p7
Claire Hunter for p6

And we had a tie in p5 so they were both elected Scott Rookes and Timothy McClure

BY Claire Hunter

P.5,p6,p7 had an election to see who would be the next class councillors.
Our electoral officer was Mrs Tweedie we had to write a manifesto of what we were promising the rest of the class.
The candidates were
Ben,Sarah,Jack,Claire,Timothy and Scott
TIME TO VOTE. When we were voting they electoral offficer (MRS Tweedie) made us show a form of ID. We could bring our name tags or ID cards.

How we voted
When it came to voting we put one x beside our chosen candIdate
The count
Our electoral officer took the votes to be counted.

our new class councillors are………….
p5 Timothy MCclure and Scott Rookes
p6 Claire Hunter
p7 Ben Abernathy

If you are wondering why there are two p5 class councillors the was a tie break!!!!.