About Us

Creavery Primary is the oldest primary school in the NEELB, celebrating 185 years this year.  Over time it has maintained its ethos of a small, caring, happy school but has managed to keep up with the times and technological changes, an example of this being that every classroom has an interactive whiteboard.

Situated on the outskirts of Antrim town, 1 mile from the Dunsilly roundabout, it plays an important role in its rural environment and community.  There are 3 classrooms and pupil:teacher ratio is low, (normally less than 1:20), which means that all children are treated as individuals.  The teachers are all extremely dedicated with one teacher winning Science teacher of the year, 2011-12, the school is also in the process of becoming a Science Specialist school.  All stakeholders work together for the benefit of the children so every child leaving Creavery does so as a well-rounded individual who has fulfilled their potential in all aspects of their personality.

The school has a large playground, split into 3 areas, with a climbing frame, activity trail, outdoor water play area and playhouse.  There is a large grassed area that is frequently used for extra-curricular activities, Science activities and outdoor play.  The school garden is used by all pupils as they grow their vegetables to be used in cookery lessons.

The school has a very active PTA and Parents as Helpers group.

L Dunwoody